Dr. Jerry Jumper, Family Practice

Dr. Jumper received his undergraduate education at Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona, and his Doctor of Osteopathy degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, Missouri. 

He has been an emergency physician for 16 years prior to becoming a full-time physician provider at the Mary Ann Bradley Clinic in Anderson, Missouri. Before his emergency medicine career he practiced family medicine in Kansas and Missouri.

Dr. Jumper is married to Janie, his wife of 44 years, and lives on a small farm near Seneca, Missouri. When not caring for his patients he tends his Nubian goat herd, spoils his Great Pyrenees and English Bulldog pets and raises a big garden. On many weekends the family can be found on baseball fields and in basketball gyms, supporting their grandson who is, of course, very special.