Digging Deeper with Don (How to look more profound)

06/14/2012 09:52
  I read an email in the wee hours of the morning that has inspired me. It was all about finishing things. The writer said, “I want you to finish something today. Not tomorrow, but today.” He said finish anything, just find something to finish. All of us have those little “somethings”...
06/08/2012 14:43
We just finished two days of intense Billing Department Technical Assistance with HRSA’s consultant, John Church.  He was thorough and exhausting. Before his on-site review, he visited with several key staff related to Billing and gathered lots of documents beforehand, and once here he...
05/25/2012 10:03
I love culture. For many people, culture is defined as fine food and fine music in a fine atmosphere. It really goes way beyond that. Culture is all about how we live, how we do things, and really, it’s about being.  It’s really big and we tend to ignore big things when we can’t get our...
04/27/2012 15:38
  What does being recognized as the Joplin Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Small Business of the Year mean? It means the Joplin community is noticing ACCESS Family Care’s hard work, and noticing it in a big way. The things our employees do are what make a difference. Providing our patients...
04/20/2012 11:55
I like challenges. In southwest Missouri, especially around Neosho, we have lots of hills. I always “size them up” for a bicycle match. Taking a bike up some of these hills is a literal uphill climb that takes all you have in you to make it to the top. I love the feeling of success in mastering...
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Joplin Tornado Relief Updates

07/27/2011 17:11
  It’s been just over two months since the devastating EF5-rated tornado ripped a wide path through Joplin, and in that short amount of time, it’s amazing how much has been cleaned up. Nearly everyday I express my thankfulness that none of our employees lost their lives, even though four of...
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ACCESS Health Blog

07/30/2010 17:24
 By Dr. Charles Bentlage, Medical Director A medical home, sometimes referred to as a health care home or a patient centered medical home, is a system in which a patient receives all of their primary medical care in one location, ideally from a practitioner who knows them and their health...

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