Health Center Supports Medicaid Expansion

02/12/2013 16:02

Governor Nixon will be in Joplin tomorrow to promote expansion of Medicaid as part of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  Since the Supreme Court ruled it’s not mandatory for states to provide the expansion and receive federal funds to do so, several states are taking a serious look at the Act.
ACCESS Family Care supports the expansion of Medicaid. ACCESS Family Care’s CEO, Don McBride, states, “About 40 percent of our 17,000 patients are covered by MO HealthNet.  Just over 50 percent have no coverage at all. We expect the expansion to decrease the number of our uninsured patients by 50%. The expansion will actually help us to serve more uninsured.”
A report by the University of Missouri School of Medicine Department of Health Management and Informatics demonstrates that the impact of Medicaid Expansion on Missouri will have a positive economic impact.
“The Medicaid expansion will enable us to serve more needy patients and we’ll be able to hire more professional and support staff to make that happen,” added McBride. “With our Patient Centered Health Home project we are transforming care and bringing patients to measurable levels of documented improved wellness.”
A group called The Coalition for Healthy Economic Growth was formed to provide recommendations and guidance for the expansion. “We know that some adults of current MO HealthNet recipients will become eligible under certain circumstances. My hope too is that some level of dental care for adults is addressed in this expansion,” adds McBride. “We see the expansion as a real healthcare benefit for many Missourians who can’t afford the quality healthcare anyone deserves, but whether it passes or not, ACCESS Family Care will always be here to serve our patients with demonstrated and proven quality primary care.”
The Coalition for Healthy Economic Growth is represented by the following entities with direct interest in the health care for Missouri residents:
Missouri Academy of Family Physicians
Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists
Missouri Association of Rural Health Clinics
Missouri Hospital Association
Missouri Nurses Association
Missouri Optometric Association
Missouri Dental Association
Missouri Primary Care Association
Ambulance District Association of Missouri
Missouri Association of Health Plans
Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association
Missouri Health Care Association
Missouri Pharmacy Association
Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers
Missouri Ambulance Association
Missouri Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
Missouri Dental Hygienists' Association